The course will be offered to 24 graduate students, post-docs and early career scientists. The 9th annual flux course will take place the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station from the 10th of July through the 21st of July this summer.

Topics will include: flux measurements at the leaf & soil level; modeling leaf CO2 and H2O fluxes; eddy covariance measurements; predictions of fluxes from satellite observations; canopy flux models; assimilation of flux observations and satellite remote sensing data into ecosystem process models; and Bayesian approaches to modeling.

Attendees stay at the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station, near Boulder, Colorado, USA (dormitory style accommodation).

Course Syllabus from 2015

Applications to attend.


$2850 for course fees, room and board (includes all meals); but you must provide your own means of transportation to Boulder, Colorado.

Instructors vary each year here are some past instructors:

Dario Papale (University of Tuscia), Kim Novick (Indiana University), Abby Swann (University of Washington), Dennis Baldocchi (University of California), Carl Bernacchi, Andy Leakey (University of Illinois), Dave Bowling (University of Utah), Ankur Desai (University of Wisconsin), Mike Dietze (Boston University), Deborah Huntzinger (Northern Arizona University), Larry Jacobsen (Campbell Scientific, Inc.), Ray Leuning (CSIRO, Australia), Andrew Fox (NCAR/University of Arizona) & Hank Loescher (Battelle), Pat Morgan and George Burba (LI-COR Biosciences), Marcy Litvak (Univ New Mexico), Russell Monson, David Moore and Shirley Papuga (University of Arizona), Tristan Quaife (Reading University), Dave Schimel (NASA JPL), Paul Stoy (Montana State), Ed Swiatek (Campbell Scientific, Inc.), Diane Pataki (UC Irvine), John Zobitz (Augsburg College).

Flux Course Photo 1

Flux Course Photo 2